Mule deer. Photo credit Joe Riis


Science-based conservation

We invest in science that informs effective conservation, and use that science to identify and protect the places that sustain wildlife. Current focus areas include migratory bird populations, gopher tortoises in Georgia, and big-game migrations in the West.

School of fish in ocean

Conservation economics

We support the research and—most importantly— application of natural capital valuation to help decision makers account for the full suite of values that nature provides to society. 

Gopher tortoise, courtesy of The Nature Conservancy

Conservation finance

We partner with others to finance critical conservation opportunities and incentivize land stewardship that sustains species and habitats. And we support ballot initiatives to leverage more funding for conservation in Texas, Georgia, and Wyoming.

Grassy field with Bighorn Mountains in background

Tools for durable conservation

We invest in tools that safeguard the integrity and durability of conservation easements, ensuring that easement agreements protect lands fully and in perpetuity.